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In 2020, 2018 and 2017, Canstar awarded Bingle with a national award for Outstanding Value Car Insurance.

Canstar award for Outstanding Value Car Insurance Australia 2017 Canstar award for Outstanding Value Car Insurance Australia 2020 Canstar award for Outstanding Value Car Insurance Australia 2018

What does Comprehensive Car Insurance cover?

Comprehensive Car Insurance is our highest level of car insurance cover. It's a type of car insurance that gives you cover for accidental loss or damage to your car. It also covers your legal liability (up to $20 million) for damage to other people's cars and property that might be caused by the use of your car.

Why is Comprehensive Car Insurance important?

Comprehensive Car Insurance gives you cover for your car regardless of who was at fault. If you want cover for damage caused to your car (by theft, an accident, weather events and more) you'll need Comprehensive insurance.

If you only want cover for damage caused to other people's property or vehicles by the use of your car, Third Party Car Insurance may be all you need.

What am I covered for with Comprehensive Car Insurance?

What am I covered for?

Cover for accidental loss or damage to your car

  • Driving accidents
    We cover your car if you get into an accident, as well as accidental damage to other people's cars and property if you're legally liable.
  • Fire
    You're covered for damage caused by fires, including bush fires.
  • Storm & hail damage
    You're covered for storm damage, including any hail damage.
  • Flood
    You're covered for damage caused by floods.
  • Other weather/natural events
    You're also covered for damage caused by weather events such as falling debris and other natural events, like earthquakes or cyclones.
  • Car theft and malicious damage
    We cover the cost of replacing or repairing your car if it's stolen, vandalised, or damaged by break-ins, theft, attempted theft, collision, or fire.
  • Ridesharing
    We'll cover your car when driving on rideshare apps like UberX, Lyft, Shebah, and more. List Rideshare as the use type when you set up your policy.
  • Towing & storage
    We cover the reasonable costs of towing your car to a repairer or safe place if it can't be driven after an accident
  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs
    Need your car repaired after an accident or incident? Rest assured we'll do a great job - we offer a lifetime guarantee on our authorised repairs.
  • Hire Car as an optional extra
    If you want the peace of mind of knowing that you'll still have a set of wheels if you need to make a claim, consider adding Keep Mobile cover as an optional extra. To help keep prices low, hire car after an accident or incident is available as an optional extra – it's not automatically included in your policy.
  • Accessories and modifications
    Our Comprehensive Car Insurance automatically insures most legal modifications and accessories that are permanently fitted to cars (i.e. tinted windows, sound systems etc). You don't need to let us know/list these specifically on your policy. Exclusions are listed when you get a quote.
  • Baby capsules and car seats
    We automatically cover the cost to replace baby capsules or child seats if they're damaged when your car is involved in an accident or incident, or if your car is stolen 3.

Plus, legal liability for damage to other people's cars or property caused by the use of your car

  • Legal liability for damage up to $20 million.

And, if your car is a write-off

  • We'll pay you the market value of your car 1. Depending on the age of your car, our optional New for Old 2 cover might be available.

Here are some things we don't cover

  • General wear and tear
    We also don't cover breakdowns, dead batteries or flat tyres.
  • Injuries to you or other people
    Injuries are usually covered by mandatory Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance.

This is just a summary, see the PDS for a full list of inclusions and exclusions.

Optional extras for Bingle Comprehensive Car Insurance

You can add extras when you get a quote, part way through your policy and at renewal. Of course, any optional extra needs to be on your policy before an event that you might need to claim for.


Windscreen and Window Glass Cover

Cover for damaged windscreens and window glass. We'll cover the cost of repairs or replacements without you having to pay an excess. Includes windscreen, window and sunroof glass.


Keep Mobile

Optional Hire car cover means we'll arrange a hire car when your own is out of action because of an incident covered by your policy. We'll provide a similar make and model to your car (in our opinion) so you can feel right at home.

Plus, you'll get copycat cover. In a nutshell, copycat cover means that while we settle your claim, you'll have the same insurance cover which you normally hold for whatever car you're driving (limited to market value) while your car is unavailable - whether that's a hire car, your partner's car, your friend's car, and so on. Your listed drivers will also considered listed drivers on that car too.


New for Old Replacement

That brand-new car feel is great isn't it? With optional New for Old replacement cover, if your car is a total loss, we'll replace it with a new car of the same make and model (where available). That way, you can still enjoy a sweet new ride. This is available on cars up to 3 years old.

For full inclusions and exclusions on optional extras, please refer to the PDS.

Do I need Comprehensive Car Insurance, or is Third Party Property Damage Insurance enough?

The decision is up to you. While Comprehensive Car Insurance is typically more expensive than Third Party Car Insurance, it offers a much higher level of cover.

Third Party cover only covers you for damage caused by the use of your car to other people's cars and property. That means if your car is damaged by theft, storms, hail, fire, an accident etc – you won't be able to make a claim with Bingle. So, if you want cover for damage to your car, Comprehensive Car Insurance may be the best product for you.

Why choose Bingle car insurance?

We put you in the driver's seat

Here for you at claim time

Make a claim online 24/7, and simply log in to pay your excess, view up-to-date repair tracking or upload documents and photos.

Help at your fingertips

Our online tools allow you to make changes to your policy, so you can update your contact details and policy if you get a new car, and more.

300+ repairers nationwide

We use the same repair network as AAMI and Suncorp Insurance, giving customers access to 300+ repairers.

Award winning

Bingle has been awarded the 2020, 2018 and 2017 Canstar awards for Outstanding Value Car Insurance.

Our customers rate us!

Reviews from real customers


Note these reviews are based on people who indicated that they purchased a Comprehensive Car Insurance product with us.


What is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Comprehensive Car Insurance covers you for accidental damage or loss of your car, as well as damage or your legal liability to someone else's vehicle or property up to $20 million. If you have a bingle or other mishap, Comprehensive Car insurance can get you back on the road and protect you from liability claims that other people might make for damage to their property caused by the use of your car.

What does Comprehensive Car Insurance cover?

Comprehensive Car Insurance covers loss or damage to your car, as well as your liability for the damage it causes to other people's property, including their vehicles. Your car is also covered for damage caused by hail, fire, theft, or vandalism.

Does Comprehensive Car Insurance cover hail, flood or fire damage?

We'll cover your car for damage caused by the elements, like hail, flood or fire – so long as you hold an active Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy at the time the damage occurs.

Only the Standard excess applies for these claims. We don't charge any additional Age or Unlisted Driver excesses, so you needn't worry about forking out any extra if the elements turn against you.

What do I do if I have an accident?

Safety first. Stay away from the traffic – stand on the footpath, or on the side of the road. Call emergency services on 000 if anyone's injured, or the road is blocked.

All our claims can be lodged easily online.

Once you're safe (or have made it home) you log in to My Policy Manager to make a claim.

How do I contact Bingle?

Bingle is an online-only insurer. We don't have costly call centres to pay for, which helps to keep our insurance premiums low. Our online Policy Self Service puts you in control of your policy, and you can update almost everything yourself, from changing drivers to updating your payment or contact details.

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If you need some help, Bingle has answers to all your questions in our Help Centre (or in the Help widget on this page). For step-by-step guides on everything from cancelling your policy to paying your overdue instalments, it's all there!

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If you need to register a new email to access your policy, you can do that here.

If you don't know your policy number, our Policy Finder can help.

Does Bingle cover rideshare drivers?

Yes, Bingle covers rideshare driving, through apps like Uber, Shebah, Ola, and others. You just need to have the usage type correctly listed on your policy. You can do this when you get a quote or update an existing policy by logging in to self-service. Bingle does not offer cover for taxis, even if they are booked via an app.

Does Bingle cover learner drivers?

Yes, Bingle covers learner drivers (people on their Ls). There needs to be a listed driver in the car at the time of the incident to avoid the unlisted driver excess. The learner driver will then be treated as a listed driver, an age excess will apply if they are under the age of 25 at the time of the incident. Once the learner driver is on their Ps you may want to list them as a driver on your policy. Otherwise an unlisted driver excess might apply.

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