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Making a claim with Bingle is quick and easy

1. Tell us what happened

No fuss, just simple: go online and tell us what happened

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  • Claim number instantly provided
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Renter’s Forced Moving Insurance

Need to lodge a claim for Renter's Forced Moving Insurance ? Please click the Claim on your forced moving policy now.

Claim on your forced moving policy now

Please note: If someone is injured or there is a hazard please call 000 first.
If you need further assistance to make the scene safe or secure vehicle please call our emergency support team on
1300 735 640.             
Third party property damage claims cannot be lodged online. To lodge a TPPD claim please call the above number.

2. Keep up to date

Simply log in to Bingle to keep up to date and take action on your car insurance claim.

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  • Track every step of your repair
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3. Repair, replace or payout

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