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andyjfrew, VIC

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We're a low-cost, no-fuss insurer

Bingle. As simple as it sounds.


When Suncorp Group launched Bingle back in 2007, they had one main goal in mind – to provide no-fuss, low-cost, car insurance aimed at smart drivers. 

That’s why we do things online. For starters, it’s easier to find us (if you’re reading this, you’re already there). It also means we can cut out some pricey overheads – and put those savings towards more affordable policies.

Speaking of policies, they’re easy to set up too. We don’t ask you countless questions about your individual needs or your financial situation – just the basics. So you can get back to being a smart driver sooner.

Saving time, saving money, and staying covered. As simple as it sounds.

Bingle. As simple as it sounds.

We don't compromise on quality or service

Our focus is on offering simple, car insurance, but that doesn’t mean we compromise on great service. You get:

A lifetime guarantee on all
approved repairs with Bingle
comprehensive car insurance

A lifetime guarantee on all approved repairs

Insurance backed by Suncorp Group, one of Australia's largest insurance groups

A lifetime guarantee on all approved repairs

Fast and Simple
Claims Lodgement

A 24/7 claims hotline

We're unlike most other insurers


We're car insurance specialists

Unlike certain
supermarket chains

We don’t cover pets, homes or travel. Our focus is car insurance, so we know it inside out!

We're hassle free

Unlike a lot of other insurers, we know you have
better things to do than answer endless questions

That’s why we’ve made it quick and easy to get a quote and purchase a Bingle policy. Plus, for car insurance you can contact our claims team 24/7 or use our Claims Buddy app if you are on the go.

We give you our lowest possible price

Unlike 'crazy' discount insurers

Bingle says no to the ‘discount dance’ where prices are inflated to create supposed savings. We simply quote you our lowest possible price straight away.

We're local and we understand what Australian drivers need

Unlike overseas 'budget' insurers

Australia is our home turf and we understand what’s best on Aussie roads.



Bingle customers who renewed their policy in 2014 paid on average 7% less than the year before.  

Average saving based on comparison between renewal price offered to Bingle comprehensive car insurance customers in 2014, and the price they paid the year prior. Excludes customers who amended cover. Prices include taxes. Individual savings may vary. 



Meet the Bingle Horses

Meet Cody and Ace, the celebrities of Bingle’s latest TV commercial. Starring alongside Eric, they show just how easy it is to get a quote in under two minutes - so easy in fact, that Eric can get a quote while riding horses, while singing horses, with singing horses. See them in action and behind the scenes on the set of the Bingle advert below.





So you've got more time for the good stuff

And more time for the good stuff

Let’s face it – car insurance probably isn’t top of your priority list. It might not even be second. Or third.

And that’s fine, because that’s exactly why we do things the way we do. By keeping it almost all online, we can skip a lot of the pricey overheads and speed up those turnarounds – so you’re getting affordable car insurance, and you’re getting it faster.

And if you have a bit of extra time on your hands (and cash in your pocket), you can do more of the things you love. Like shopping for that new outfit you’ve been eyeing off, or buying your mates a round at the pub. You could download the latest album on iTunes and work on your twerk. Or you could cheer on the Richmond Tigers at the footy. After all, you wouldn’t be supporting anyone else, would you?

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