Windscreen and Window Glass Cover

You can add Windscreen and Window Glass Only cover as an Optional Extra with your Comprehensive Car Insurance policy.

Does car insurance cover broken windows?

Here's the thing – if you're windscreen glass is broken and that's the only thing that has been damaged, it's unlikely you'd want to make an insurance claim. This is because generally your excess would be more than the cost of the repairs.

That's why we created our Windscreen and Window Glass Only cover. It gives you windscreen protection for times when the only loss or damage to your car is to the windscreen or window glass. You won't have to pay any excess to cover the cost of repairing your windscreen, and you can make multiple claims per year if needed.

Say your window is broken by hail, a neighbour's cricket ball, or someone trying to break into your car. If you have this optional extra on your policy, you can relax knowing you have car insurance to cover your broken windscreen.

What's covered with Windscreen and Window Glass Only cover?

  • Cover when the only damage is to your windscreen or window glass.
  • Unlimited number of claims and no excess for damage to your windscreen, window glass and sunroof.
  • A fast and great quality repair job – plus our lifetime guarantee on approved repairs.

Want to take up this Optional Extra?

It's simple. You can either:

  1. Add it when you're getting a quote for a new Comprehensive Car Insurance policy.
  2. Add it in self-service to an existing Comprehensive Car Insurance policy.

What else do I need to know about windscreen and window glass insurance?


  • Our Windscreen and Window Glass Only optional extra can only be added if there's no existing damage to your windscreen/windows/sunroof, and if you don't have a current or pending claim on your car.
  • Once added, you can only remove windscreen cover at renewal time.

Read the PDS for more information. The Target Market Determination is also available.