Hire car after an accident

If you hold the Keep Mobile optional extra on your Comprehensive Car Insurance policy you'll have a hire car until you get your car back, or until we determine it's a write off.

Hire Car as an optional extra

  • After an accident, could you realistically manage without your car while it was being repaired? If you need a car to get to work, drop the kids to school, and more, you may want to add hire car as an optional extra.
  • We call this 'Keep Mobile' cover. With this optional extra, we'll aim to get you a similar make and model to the car on your policy so you can keep doing everything you'd normally do, just in a hire car.
  • Plus, you'll also get copycat cover. While you're waiting for your car to be repaired or deemed as a write off, you'll receive the same insurance cover for the car being used in place of your own. This applies whether you are driving a friend's car, a family member's car, or a hire car after an accident. And don't worry - your listed drivers will also be considered listed drivers on that car too.

What's covered with the hire car optional extra?

  • Unlimited hire car while your car is being repaired (or until we determine it is a write off).
  • You'll get a hire car regardless of whether you were the at-fault driver.
  • Similar make and model to your insured car.

Keen to take up Keep Mobile as an Optional Extra?

Great! It's easy. You can either

  • Add it to your policy when you're getting a quote for a new Comprehensive Car Insurance policy; or
  • Add it in self-service to an existing Comprehensive Car Insurance policy.

What else do I need to know about Keep Mobile?

  • This optional extra can't be added if you already have a current or pending claim on your car.
  • Once you've added it, you're only able to remove the hire car optional extra at renewal time.

Read the PDS for more information.