Which car modifications aren't covered?

When you get your quote, we'll show you a list of add-ons and modifications that aren't covered. If the modification isn't on that list, it's good to go.

If your car looks like it'd be more at home at a Grand Prix than at a school pick-up, this list could impact you. We don't cover:

  • Custom paint or specialised paint (after market)
  • Nitro or hydrogen Fuel
  • Petrol turbo or supercharger (when fitted after market), or
  • Roll bar/roll cage/racing harness

Do I need to tell Bingle about accessories and modifications?

No, because they're automatically covered! Bingle insures your car for market value, which is the amount that the market would pay for the car – this includes modifications and accessories that are permanently fitted to your car.

Can I add any modifications and accessories to my car?

Short answer is yes, provided they aren't listed in our exclusions (see list above). Feel free to add modifications and accessories at any time while you're insured with us – you don't have to let us know. So, if you want to get your car windows tinted while you hold a policy with us, they will be covered if you need to make a claim – provided the tinting has been done before you make a claim, of course.

Insurance stuff aside, all modifications and accessories need to be legal.

It might seem obvious, but if you make changes to your car that aren't legal, you could be fined, de-registered, impounded, and receive a defect notice. Doesn't sound fun, right? Make sure any mods are ticked off by your relevant licensing department before you get to work on your car.

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