Younger and less experienced drivers are statistically more likely to have collisions, so we factor this into our pricing. Unfortunately for young drivers that means you might be charged more on your premium than those a few years older than you. The plus side is you might see your premiums decrease once you've moved into a less risky age group (of course other factors, like making a claim, could lead to an increase).


Where you park your car overnight may also affect your premium! Some spots are safer for your car than others. For example, we may use claims data to determine areas with high rates of theft. The state you live in might also impact your premium. For example, cyclones, flooding, and storms may be more common in some states compared to others.

Personal driving record

Your driving history is also factor when we determine premiums. This applies for your listed drivers, too.

Your car and what you use it for

The age, make, and model of your car may play a part in deciding your premium. Your premium may also change based on whether you're using your car for your own personal use, for business, or for rideshare purposes (UberX etc).

Level of cover

Your level of cover also impacts your price. It may be higher or lower based on whether you choose Bingle's Comprehensive or Third Party Property Damage car insurance. Third Party Car Insurance is generally cheaper than Comprehensive, but you won't be covered for any damage to your own car if you have an accident.

Also, if you choose to add optional extras like Hire car, Windscreen and Glass cover, or New for Old (for cars 3 years old or under) you can expect your premium will most likely go up.

So, how much will my car insurance cost?

After the above factors (and a few more) are considered, government taxes and charges are added. Then, we'll have the magic number for you – the cost of your car insurance. The best way to work out how much your Bingle car insurance will cost is to get a quote online.


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