30th September 2020

Does Bingle offer business car insurance?

You probably already know that Bingle offers car insurance for people using their car for personal use. We also offer car insurance if you use your car for certain types of business purposes - like if you're a tradie and you use your car/ute for work, or if you're a travelling salesperson/sales rep.

But there are some occupations or types of work that we don't provide cover for. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

What if I use my car for rideshare purposes?

Driving for Uber or a similar company? Good news – we offer insurance for people who use their car for rideshare purposes, check out our rideshare insurance! Just select the relevant 'Ride share/Ride hail' option when you get a quote.

Just note, we don't currently cover Uber Eats or similar food delivery services.

Why is car insurance important if you're using your car for business purposes?

How can I insure my car if it's used for business purposes?

With Bingle it's easy! First work out which type of car insurance you're after – compare our car insurance options.

Then, get a quote. When asked about the primary use of your car, select 'business' and then choose the one that's relevant to you. If you're not eligible for our insurance, we'll let you know during the quote process. Otherwise, when you finish your quote you can buy your policy and you'll be covered from your chosen start date.

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