9th September 2020

Millennials are often stereotyped as the café generation, more likely to be found booking their next overseas trip and drinking deconstructed lattes than making important life decisions.

And while some of them may love the occasional Insta-worthy smashed avo for Sunday brunch, millennials are a little bit #savvier than they may get credit for. A report commissioned by Afterpay showed millennials are saving and budgeting more than their parents. They aren't afraid to look for better value in products and services – including car insurance.

So, without further ado, here is: A millennial's guide to car insurance.

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Do millennials need Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Comprehensive Car Insurance vs Third Party Car Insurance

Does Bingle car insurance cover modifications?

If you take our Comprehensive Car Insurance with us, Bingle automatically covers options, accessories or modifications1, with a few exceptions – get a quote to see the exclusions or check out our car modifications article.

So, if you hold Comprehensive Car Insurance with us, you can rest easy, knowing things like your reverse camera is covered, plus your tinted windows, car seats and other permanently fitted accessories1.

Should millennials buy optional extras with their car insurance?

Several optional extras are available with Bingle's Comprehensive cover. They are:

Think about your own circumstances, and whether these extra covers would benefit you. For example, Keep Mobile cover may benefit someone like Andrew, who'd probably want a hire car for school and work trips if his car was out of action for repairs.

Car insurance for young people – why choose Bingle?

We know millennials aren't afraid to skip tradition to find easier, simpler, and more affordable ways of doing things. And neither are we.

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