What kind of car insurance do rideshare drivers need?

  • Your rideshare company may require you to be insured with at least third party property damage insurance. Bingle's Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance provides up to $20 million of cover for legal liability claims arising from accidental damage caused by the use of your car to other people's cars and property.
  • If you want cover for damage to your own car, as well as accidental damage to a third party's property, you could consider our Comprehensive Car Insurance. It's our highest level of coverage.

What optional extras are available for Uber or rideshare drivers?

If you decide to take out our Comprehensive Car Insurance, you can consider adding one or more of our optional extras.

Windscreen and Window Glass Only cover

Windscreen and Window Glass Only cover gives you excess-free claims for incidents in which the only thing damaged is your windscreen, window glass or sunroof. For example, if a rock is flicked up and chips your windscreen, you can get it fixed and you won't have to pay any excess.

New for Old cover

If you have New for Old cover and your car is deemed by us to be a write off as a result of an insured incident, we'll replace it with a brand-new car of the same make and model. If the same model isn't available, we'll replace it with as close as we can find. This cover is available for cars 3 years old and under.

Keep Mobile cover

With optional Keep Mobile cover if you can't drive your car after an incident covered by your insurance, we'll organise a hire car for you. It'll be a similar make to yours (see PDS for more information). Due to the terms and conditions of hire car companies, hire cars often can't be used for ridesharing, but at least you'll have a car for personal use.
Repairs can be delayed for all kinds of reasons. That's where having a hire car until your car is repaired, or assessed, is handy!

What rideshare services does Bingle cover?

Bingle offers insurance for people driving for Uber, including UberX, Uber Comfort, UberPool and UberXL, as well as similar rideshare service like Lyft, Shebah, DiDi and so on. We don't currently cover UbersEats or UberBlack.

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