Award on plain background
            for Bingle's Outstanding Value Car Insurance 2020 win

Bingle wins 2020 Canstar Award for Outstanding Value

Bingle has some exciting news about an award win. Find out more about how we've been recognised for our great value car insurance.

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Man washing insured modified car

Are modifications covered by Bingle car insurance?

Bingle Comprehensive Car Insurance automatically insures most modifications and accessories that are permanently fitted to cars1, so our customers can be confident that their car seats, tinted windows, sound systems and other upgrades are insured.

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A woman waits for a
                    rideshare car which is insured with Bingle

Are you covered if you're a rideshare driver?

Whether or not your personal car insurance covers you while you're rideshare driving can depend on what type of policy you have, and with which insurer. Bingle have a few options that can help you stay covered and hit the road with confidence.

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Two men determining how much it will cost to insure their car with Bingle

How car insurance premiums are determined

Have you ever wondered what factors insurers consider when determining the cost of your car insurance premium?

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Two men going for a drive

Comprehensive vs Third Party: what you need to know

Thinking of downgrading your level of car insurance cover? Make sure you understand the differences! Here’s what you need to know.

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