Car Insurance Claims Articles

Here you'll find loads of information on all things car insurance claims. Just want to get a quote? Find out more about Comprehensive or Third Party Car Insurance.

How to prevent your car getting stolen

Did you know one car is stolen every 11 minutes in Australia? Find out what you can do to prevent car theft.

What Rejects Car Insurance Claims

If you've got car insurance, making sure you're properly covered at all times is important. Get clear on what rejects and denies a claim. Read more.

Car Damaged in a Storm

Storm season approaching? Knowing how to protect your car from hail and storm, and what to do if it's damaged, can get you back on the road sooner.

Animal Collisions

Sadly, animal collisions occur often on Australian roads. Learn whether you're covered if you're involved in a collision with an animal.

How to Make a Car Insurance Claim

Not sure what to do following an accident? We've got some tips to help you understand how to lodge your insurance claim properly with Bingle. Learn more!

Does Car Insurance Cover Stolen Car

If your car has been stolen, find out what you can do and what your insurance covers. Bingle is here to help. Learn more here.

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