I'm a Bingle customer. Should I claim through Bingle, or the other party's insurance provider?

If you've got a Bingle Comprehensive policy and you believe you're not at fault, you have a couple of options:

  • Make a claim against the driver at fault (who may provide you with their insurance details); or
  • Claim with us here at Bingle.

If you do claim through us, we may be able to waive any excesses if you did not contribute to the accident — just make sure you have the other driver's details! If you go through the at fault driver's insurer and they accept the claim, it's unlikely you'll pay an excess.

How to lodge a claim with Bingle

You can easily lodge a claim via Bingle Self Service. If you can give us the other driver's details, and it was entirely their fault, we might waive any excesses you have to pay.

From here we can cover the rest of the repair or replacement, up to your policy limits. FYI, your future premiums may be impacted by your claims history, even if you're not at fault. More information can be found in Bingle's Comprehensive Car Insurance or Third Party Car Insurance premiums, excesses, and claims guides.

Note, Bingle will only cover damage to your car if you hold a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy with us. If you hold Third Party Car Insurance, we can cover damage to the other driver's car or property, not yours.

Can I arrange a tow truck after an accident?

If you have Comprehensive Car Insurance with us, we can arrange a tow if needed. If your car has already been towed, you can claim the reasonable cost of towing to our repairer or anywhere else we have agreed to as part of your claim. Just keep your receipt.

What if my car is deemed to be written off after an accident and I'm not at fault?

If your car has deemed to be a write off and we accept your claim as a total loss, we'll finalise your claim by paying you a total loss payment based on your car's market value1. If your car is financed, we'll firstly pay your credit provider what they are entitled to, and pay you whatever balance is left.

If your car is less than three years old2 and you bought our New for Old optional extra with your Comprehensive policy, we'll replace your car with a brand new one of the same make and model (if available).

If you make a claim via the at fault driver's insurer and your car is determined to be a write off, you can discuss next steps with the relevant insurance company.

What happens if the other party was at fault and doesn't have car insurance or only has Third Party Car Insurance?

As we mentioned above, if the other party doesn't have insurance, and you hold a Bingle comprehensive policy you can lodge your claim with us via self-service.

If the other party only has Third Party Car Insurance, you may be able to claim against the at-fault driver who may claim through their insurer, depending on the circumstances.

Need to make a claim? Find out more about our claims process.

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