How to prepare for a road trip with friends

Preparing the essentials before a road trip can help make hours spent in the car all the more enjoyable. Giving your car a service before a long road trip can also help you to get to your destination smoothly, without hiccups. Here are a few tips for how to prepare your car, and what to bring.

Plan your route and stops

Decide where you want to go and which spots you want to visit along the way, like beaches, nature walks and attractions. Also decide whether you're keen on a more scenic route, as opposed to the highway, which could affect how you get from A to B. You should also factor in where you'll be able to camp or find accommodation, and book ahead to secure a spot during busy times.

Get your car serviced

Now you know where you're going, you'll want to make sure you can get there without any dramas. That's why booking your car for a service before a long road trip is important. You can do some small checks at home, like topping up your oil and window washer fluid, and inflating your tyres, but some things are better left to the pros. These include:

  • tyre tread depth (how worn down the grooves between your tyres are)
  • air conditioner
  • brake pads and fluid
  • suspension
  • car battery, and
  • wiper blades.

Prepare a car emergency kit

On the wide-open road, you sometimes have to be your own mechanic. Having a car emergency kit ready can help you get back on the road sooner if a hiccup happens. Some essentials to pack are:

  • spare tyre
  • jumper cables
  • extra petrol
  • GPS system that isn't on your phone, and
  • spare key.

Having your car insurance policy info handy is also important, so if you were to get in an accident, you know exactly what to do. If you're a Bingle customer, you can access your policy documents easily via Bingle Self Service.

Know what to pack


A good podcast or a well curated playlist can make long spells in the car more enjoyable. Consider also packing cards and board games to keep you occupied in between drives, and even a tablet device for movie night under the stairs.


Keep a good stock of sunscreen, first aid supplies, hand sanitiser, toilet paper, hats and a torch in the car - these are things you don't want to run out of!


Snacks are essential for long drives, especially if you don't want to be stopping at the servo every hour. Pack snacks that can be easily sealed and stored away, like nuts and dried fruit, and that don't crumble or melt, like chips, chocolate and popcorn.

Sort out your car insurance

Knowing that you could be covered if something happens on the road can help you stress less and enjoy the trip. Bingle has car insurance to suit different lifestyles and budgets.

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