How to inspect

After you buy

  • Once you've purchased your new-to-you vehicle, it's essential to change over the registration & pay any transfer fees and stamp duties (applicable). You usually only have a short period to sort out your rego, so put it at the top of your priority list. Contact your state or territory transport authority for forms and requirements.
  • Once you've settled these vehicle registration transfer costs, you'll need to organise and pay for the registration under your own name and the compulsory third party insurance (CTP) relevant to the state or territory you live in it falls due. Some state and territory have CTP included with the registration.
  • CTP covers you for injury to others, you might also want to protect yourself from liability for damage to other people's property caused by the use or your vehicle if you are in an accident or against costs if your vehicle is stolen, damaged or vandalised. It's important to get your car insurance sorted as soon as possible, preferably before driving your car, as you can never predict when an accident can happen. Making sure your car is insured from day one helps minimise risk, so you can enjoy your car with peace of mind.
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