How to know when to change your car tyres

Tyre health is crucial to road safety. After all, your tyres are where your car meets the road. Worn out rubber doesn't grip firmly, and it makes braking harder, especially when it's rainy. This handy tyre care guide covers all the basics, including how to know when your tyres need changing.

How to check your tyres

Look at the tyre tread

This refers to the depth of the grooves that run along each tyre. In Australia, the minimum legal tread depth is 1.5mm.

How to measure tyre tread

Look for the tread wear indicator

Every tyre has a small bar on its side next to the letters 'TWI'. If the tread is worn down to the level of the TWI, change your tyres.

Or use a coin

If you can't find the TWI, place an Aussie 20c coin into the tyre grove. If the tread doesn't reach the bill of the platypus, it's time for fresh rubber.

Assess tyre pressure

Look for the placard on the inside of the driver's seat door jamb. It'll tell you the recommended tyre pressures for your car. Check this at least once a month when your tyres are cool, like in the morning before heading out for a drive. A nice, even wear pattern across the tread face means you're doing things right.


The tread will typically 'balloon' in the centre.


You'll see the reverse - more wear on the edges.

Rotate your tyres

Front tyres take more of a beating than rear ones. Rotate your tyres regularly (your local service station can help with that) to spread the load.

Inspect the sidewall

If you spot any cuts, bulges or gouges — change those tyres immediately.

Know the age of your tyres

  • All tyres have a Tyre Identification Number (TIN) on their side — just look for the acronym 'DOT'. This code ends with the week and year it was made. So, if the digits say 0518, the tyre was produced in the 5th week of 2018. Get tyres older than five years regularly checked by a professional. If a tyre is close to the 10 year mark, replace it.
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