Car air cons: What you need to know

A working AC keeps you comfy on the road when the temp creeps up — and a cool, comfy driver is a safe driver!

Here's a guide to some car AC basics, from maintenance to insurance.

Are car air cons covered by insurance?

Well, that depends.

What's covered

If you hold Bingle Comprehensive Car Insurance, we'll cover damage to your car air con if it's bingled (pun intended!) in an insured event. So, if — for example — your air con compressor breaks in a crash, we'll repair or replace it for you, as we would with other parts of your vehicle.

What's not covered

Although we'll cover your air con if it's damaged in an insured event, we don't cover damage related to:

  • age, or
  • wear and tear.

This means, if your air con breaks down out of the blue, you won't be covered.

How to maintain your car air con

Air con maintenance is best left to the mechanics. But you should brush up on some of the basics, so you'll be able to spot issues early on.

Parts that commonly break

1. Condenser

This pressurises the AC system and circulates refrigerant.

Signs of damage:

  • Loud noises.
  • Fluid leakage.
  • A reduction in cooling ability.

2. Compressor

This removes heat from the refrigerant.

Signs of damage:

  • The AC system blows warm air.
  • The outside condensing unit keeps tripping the circuit.
  • The compressor doesn't turn on.
  • Unusual noises.

3. Evaporator

This absorbs heat from inside the car.

Signs of damage:

  • Weak/inconsistent cool air flow.
  • A strange smell when the AC is turned on.

4. Filter

This removes contaminants from the air and ventilates the cabin.

Signs of damage:

  • Increased dust and allergens in the cabin.
  • Reduced air flow.

Your cabin filters should be changed regularly. Check your manual to see how often you should do this.

Cool down with confidence

If you've had an accident, a damaged air conditioner can add even more to the bill at the repairers. That's where comprehensive car insurance can give you that little extra peace of mind that should the worst happen, you could be on the road (and cool!) again in no time. Here at Bingle, we've got comprehensive car insurance options to suit different budgets and lifestyles.

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