28th October 2020

What do I need to let Bingle know to keep my car insurance up to date?

These are the kinds of things you'll need to keep up to date:

Some changes (like your contact details or address, listed drivers, and buying a new car) should be done as soon as possible or within the timing required under the policy terms. Other changes (like removing optional extras on Bingle's Comprehensive Car Insurance policies) can only be done at renewal time.

How do I update my Bingle car insurance policy?

Need help updating your policy?

How to switch car insurance policies

Not a Bingle customer but want to make the switch?

Here are a few reasons to consider Bingle:

Wondering when the best time is to make the switch to Bingle? Well, maybe you've just got your renewal notice from your current insurance provider and you're not happy with your cover and/or the price. Renewal time is a great time to shop around for car insurance, but keep in mind you can switch your car insurance at any time (just check if your current provider charges a cancellation fee – though it may well still be worth switching to Bingle!)

If you're considering Bingle, follow these simple steps: