How to inspect

Whether you're buying privately or from a dealer, taking the car for a spin is essential! Beyond the basic stuff, like whether the seats are comfortable, the brakes aren't too stuttery and it feels smooth to drive, it's important to take a look inside.

Pop the bonnet while the engine is still running and check for rattling and leaks. Also make sure the lights, windscreen wipers, air conditioning, power windows, central locking and audio are intact. You may want to take it to your own mechanic to get it checked, too.

After you buy

Once you've picked up the keys to your new set of wheels, make sure you transfer the registration over to your name ASAP. You usually only have a couple of days to do this, so put it at the top of your priority list. Contact your state or territory transport authority for forms and requirements.

Make sure to sort out your car insurance. Whether you're a first time buyer or a second-hand pro, Bingle has Third Party Car Insurance or Comprehensive Car Insurance to choose from. Our Comprehensive Car Insurance has a number of features and options that might work for you.

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