1st September 2021

Get your car cleaned and detailed

Giving your car a clean will help present it in its best light and attract buyers. Going a step further and getting your car detailed certainly won't hurt!

Take (good) photos

A blurry picture of your car from a single angle won't give potential buyers the info they need. They might not even bother asking for more photos or coming for a look — why would they, when there are other cars on the market?

Write a good ad

Instead of: '1986 manual. Few dents but goes well. Enquire for price'.

Try: 'This trusty 1986 manual sedan has clocked over 200,000 km, serving us well over the last decade. With regular servicing and repairs, it has been looked after. We're selling this well-loved car for $4,500. Registered until April 2022.'

Which one appeals more to you?

Be fair with your valuation

If your asking price is negotiable, decide the lowest bid you would accept. Then be firm when knocking back any lowball offers.

Protect yourself against scams

Car sellers are a common target for scammers

When letting someone take your car for a test drive, make sure you accompany them. This is important both for insurance purposes, and to ensure your car comes back. Bingle Comprehensive Insurance customers can make a claim if a potential buyer has an accident while test driving their vehicle for the purpose of a sale, but only if the insured person or a listed driver accompanies the potential buyer.

Another common scam is one in which a fake buyer claims they have transferred funds to you, when they actually haven't transferred anything. They may even send you a doctored screenshot to better sell the idea, but in truth, no payment was ever made.

The best way to protect yourself from scams like this is to make sure that the payment has gone through and is clear in your account — or you're holding the cash — before signing the transfer paperwork and handing the keys over.

With Bingle, you may not need to get a new insurance policy if you sell your car and buy a new one. You can simply change the car on your policy, assuming the new car is eligible for insurance with us. If your new car costs more to insure, we'll ask you to pay an additional premium. If it costs less, you'll get a premium refund. If you pay your premium monthly, we'll automatically adjust your monthly instalment.

If you haven't changed cars, but you'd like to insure an additional one, check out this article for a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

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