What goes into a car insurance premium?

Your car insurance premium is influenced by things like your age, the car you drive, and where you live. That's why knowing which policy details affect its price can help you work out if you're paying the right amount – and not a cent more.

Things that can affect how much you pay

Payment frequency

At renewal time, switching to annual payments instead of monthly payments can reduce the total cost of your premium.



By upping your standard excess, and choosing to pay more if you make a claim, you'll usually pay less for your premium.

Standard excess :

Excess can only be changed when buying a new Bingle Comprehensive Insurance policy or renewing an old Comprehensive Insurance policy.


Kilometres driven

If you'll drive less next year than the estimated annual distance originally listed on your policy, update your policy with this in mind.

Estimated annual distance

When you took out your policy, you gave us an estimate of how much you drive your car in a year. A higher estimate usually results in a higher premium because you're at greater risk of an incident. If you find yourself driving a lot less than you estimated, you can log into Bingle's self-service and adjust this figure. Doing so could reduce your premium a little.


Listed drivers

If additional drivers listed on your policy aren't using your car, you may be paying more than you need to.

Additional drivers

If you remove a driver from your policy, keep in mind that if someone who drives your car regularly or lives in your household makes a claim and aren't listed on your policy, an unlisted excess applies.



Your location is tied to your car's level of risk, so ensuring your address details are accurate means your premium will be right for your situation.

Level of risk

Depending on where your new address is, this adjustment can reduce your premium, or it may result in an increase. This shouldn't affect your decision, though – staying up-to-date on your policy means you're not at risk of having a claim denied or reduced due to incorrect details.



Car not under finance anymore? Updating your policy to reflect this only takes a moment.


Ready to see if you can save on your premium?

You can adjust your details easily with Bingle self-service.

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