The Bingle claims process

Making a claim with Bingle is quick and easy. Here's how it works:

1. Make Your Claim

No fuss, no worries, just simple: go online or use our app.

Make a claim online in just 6 easy steps

Notify us of your claim on the spot with the Bingle Claims Buddy app

2. We assess the damage

To work out the extent of the bingle.

Once you’ve lodged your claim, you’ll see one of our assessment centres or approved repairers where we’ll check out the damage.

If it’s safe and economical for us to fix, then it’s off to the repairer.

If it’s too badly damaged, we’ll deem it to be a total loss and we’ll settle your claim by a total loss payment.

Basically, this means that we pay you either your car’s estimated value, or what we determine is its market value - whichever is less. We will also reduce that payment by any excess you owe us, or any unpaid premiums. There is a bit more you should know about total loss payments so please read the PDS for details.

3. Your car's fixed

Using our top notch panel of repairers

Once your car’s had the once over, Bingle will choose the repairer, authorise the repairs and ensure a quality job. Easy as that! We may be simple and no-fuss, but we never compromise on workmanship.

Just so you know, you can’t choose your own repairer. Bingle uses only our panel of licensed repairers to fix your car and this is one of the ways that helps us keep our premiums low.

This also ensures your safety, and the reliability of the work. No ifs or buts. Bingle’s parent company, the Suncorp Group, has entered into joint venture partnerships with two innovative, reliable repair companies: Capital S.M.A.R.T Repairs Australia and SMART+PLUS – both members of our approved repairer panel.

Visit the Suncorp Group website and see how this approach can benefit you. We’ve built our panel of approved repairers across Australia to ensure the quality of our repairs, and that they meet safety standards. Your car’s repairs are in very good hands!

And don’t forget your Bingle car policy comes with our lifetime repair guarantee – and we really mean lifetime. It sticks with your car even after you sell it.

4. Collect your car

We can often have you back on the road in 2 to 5 days

We get you’ve got better things to do than hang around waiting for your car to be fixed, so we’re all about making sure you can get back to what you love doing sooner. The moment your repairs are done, we’ll be sure to let you know. If your car’s still safe to drive after the accident, Bingle can often get you back on the road within 2 to 5 days!

"Bingle customer service and knowledge were both 100%. Thank you bingle for being so fast and efficient in getting my car fixed asap" Julie74, NSW

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