Victorian drivers spend up big on car bling









27 November 2013

Victoria’s car servicing and maintenance bill is among the highest in Australia, thanks to an increasing appetite for ‘car bling’.

The figures from Bingle’s Cost of Motoring: Servicing and Maintenance research show Victorian drivers splashed out close to $200 million on accessories – a 50 per cent increase on the previous year.

Bingle spokesperson, Marcela Balart, said: “Collectively, Victorian drivers spent $186 million on ‘car bling’ such as car stereos, GPS devices, steering wheel covers, seat covers, roof racks, smartphone car fixtures and other decorations.”

“The concern is whether drivers are shelling out on accessories at the expense of ensuring their vehicles are in the best state to be on the roads,” she said.

The research revealed spending on tyres, which are essential to road safety, had dropped by $113 million.

“Considering the average Victorian clocks up more than 13,200 kilometres in a year*, it’s important to remember the car engine, its mechanics and condition of tyres, are far more important to safety and efficiency than its aesthetics,” she said.

According to the research, Victorian servicing and mechanical repair costs totalled $2.5 billion, making up 70 per cent of the state’s overall servicing and maintenance bill.

The $306 million increase in servicing charges was the biggest jump when compared with Queensland’s $112 million increase and NSW’s $51 million decrease.

Car maintenance, including car washes and detailing, also increased four per cent to $246 million.

“Cars, in general, are a huge expense for consumers with the average Victorian driver spending $700 on servicing or mechanical repairs in a year – the most costly next to $650 in NSW and $600 in Queensland.

While expensive, the continued investment could account for the $185 million fall in other out of pocket expenses such as the replacement, upgrade or repair of parts.

“In spite of the cost, it appears Victorian drivers are still investing in the servicing and maintenance of their cars,” Ms Balart said.

“Regularly checking that your car is well maintained, will not only ensure it remains roadworthy, but will help to reduce motor-related costs in the long-term,” Ms Balart said.

 Year-on-year Victorian servicing and maintenance costs




YOY % increase


 $2.150 billion

 $2.456 billion



 $631 million

 $498 million


  Car Maintenance

 $237 million

 $246 million



 $124 million

 $186 million



 $290 million

 $105 million



 $3.433 billion

 $3.491 billion



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Notes to the Editor: Bingle’s Cost of Motoring research tracks and measures the ongoing costs faced by drivers. Research agency, Nature, conducted an independent internet survey in 2013 of 1,200 owner drivers from across NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

*Australian Bureau of Statistics, Survey of motor vehicle use (9208.0), June 2012