Queensland drivers leading the way
on motor savings

4 November 2013

Queensland is one of the most cost-effective states for car servicing and maintenance expenses, despite the state’s drivers spending billions of dollars on their cars.

The figures from car insurer Bingle’s Cost of Motoring: Servicing and Maintenance research shows the $2.7 billion spent by Queenslanders was more than half the cost of NSW ($4.9b) and three-quarters the amount spent in Victoria ($3.5b).

Bingle spokeswoman, Marcela Balart, said the research showed Queenslanders were becoming savvier with their motor spending, reining back on car accessories and investing in necessities such as servicing, maintenance and tyres.

“Unlike NSW and Victoria where spending on car accessories has skyrocketed, Queenslanders are cutting back on these luxuries, giving them a little more wriggle room to spend it where it’s needed most,” Ms Balart said.

“In fact, over the past 12 months Queensland motorists collectively saved $36 million by spending less on ‘car bling’ such as car electronics, steering wheel covers, seat covers and other car decorations – a 29 per cent drop,” she said.

Servicing costs increased by $112 million to $1.8 billion over the past year, making up 66 per cent of the state’s total servicing and maintenance bill , but the lowest of the three states.

Ms Balart said Queenslanders had also spent $590 million tyres, a 21 per cent increase, as drivers clocked up the kilometres.

“The average Queenslander clocks up 14,600 kilometres in car travel every year, the most of any state or territory in Australia, so it makes sense that cars would require more servicing and maintenance attention and tyre changes,” she said.

Car maintenance costs, including car washes and detailing, increased six per cent to $135 million.

“Cars, in general, are a huge expense for consumers, with the average driver spending $650 on servicing their car.

“When it comes to car costs, the key is to ensure your vehicles are properly serviced and in the best state to be on the roads.

“However, despite the cost, it appears Queenslanders aren’t allowing any excuses to drop the ball when it comes to motor care,” Ms Balart added.

The continued investment in cars by Queenslanders could account for the significant drop in other out of pocket expenses such as the replacement, upgrade or repair of parts which fell by $61 million in the state.

“It’s important to remember the engine, mechanics and the tyres of your car are far more important to its safety and efficiency than its aesthetics.

“Regularly checking that your car is well maintained, will not only ensure it remains roadworthy, but will help to reduce motor-related costs in the long-term,” Ms Balart said.


Year-on-year Queensland servicing and maintenance costs







$ 1.689 billion

$ 1.801 billion



$ 489 million

$ 590 million


  Car Maintenance

$ 127 million

$ 135 million



$ 126 million

$ 90 million



$ 173 million

$ 112 million



$ 2.605 billion

$ 2.728 billion



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Notes to the Editor: Bingle’s Cost of Motoring research tracks and measures the ongoing costs faced by drivers. Research agency, Nature, conducted an independent internet survey in 2013 of 1,200 owner drivers from across NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

*Australian Bureau of Statistics, Survey of motor vehicle use (9208.0), June 2012