Fines skyrocket as drivers play red light roulette 
on VIC roads


27 May 2013

Victorian drivers continue to push the limits on the roads, forking out an extra $22 million in fines compared to last year.

Victorians are incurring greater costs for speeding, red light and mobile phone offences, burning a $316 million hole in motorists’ pockets.

Bingle spokesperson, Marcela Balart, said the increase was largely fuelled by red light infringements, which jumped by more than 25 per cent in the past year to almost $60 million.

“Victorians are playing Russian roulette on the roads by running red lights. A fine is one thing, but drivers risk paying the ultimate price when they do,” Ms Balart said.

Speeding fines saw a four per cent increase bringing the value of infringements to more than $244 million. Mobile phone offences increased by three per cent to $13.5 million.

Fines for exceeding the speed limit by 45km or more, which incurs the maximum penalty of $1620 and an automatic 12 month licence suspension, have decreased by 60 per cent from the previous year.

“The silver lining here is it appears Victorians are getting the message when it comes to hooning,” Ms Balart pointed out.

The research also reveals an increase in low grade speeding offences for those less than 10km, with the vast majority (97%) of people being caught out by cameras.

“There’s no such thing as safe speeding and our research shows there are an extra16,000 drivers putting everybody on the roads in danger,” she said.

“When you consider the average cost of a speeding or red light fine, just earning two will automatically add more than 10 per cent to your total cost of motoring,” she said.

Bingle’s research shows Victorians typically pay the most in fines out of the three major states along the east coast.

“Overall we’ve seen the cost of Victorian fines increase by six per cent. If Victorians want to reduce their cost of motoring, then driving safely and avoiding fines is the logical way to go about it,” Ms Balart said.

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