Aussie drivers shelling out $900 million more
than they think on tolls


1 April 2015

Australian motorists are significantly underestimating how much they’re spending on tolls, paying almost double what they think they’re spending, according to the research from Bingle.

Bingle’s annual Cost of Motoring Index¹, which tracks and measures the ongoing costs faced by motorists, reveals the average driver believes they spend about $90 a year on tolls, when in reality it’s closer to $180.

Bingle spokesperson, Marcela Balart, said the convenience of contactless payment technologies was getting the better of motorists.

“Most drivers are blissfully unaware that the little ‘beep’ of their e-tag is slowly burning a hole in their virtual wallet, especially considering many tolls have differing prices. It’s a classic case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’,” she said.

The Index shows the average cost of tolls per driver has increased consistently over the past three years, during which a collective $1.9 billion was shelled out on tolls.

Ms Balart said the multitude of tolled roads and expanding motorway networks meant it was getting harder for motorists to avoid them.

“While most tolled roads offer a faster and smoother trip, it’s ultimately up to the driver to decide whether the savings in time and convenience outweigh the financial cost,” she said.

“Half of all drivers generally accept that tolls are now just a part of modern life, while 41 per cent do their best to take alternative routes to save the extra cash. One in 10 drivers outright refuse to use tolls and are yet to pay one.

“Fortunately the use of tolled roads is something that drivers can control and rein in. For some people it’s not so much a need as a more convenient way to travel, they just might be more out of pocket than they think,” Ms Balart said.


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Total toll costs per state






















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1.       Bingle’s Cost of Motoring Index tracks and measures the ongoing costs faced by drivers including servicing, maintenance, petrol, insurance, fines and tolls. Research agency, Nature, conducted an independent internet survey in 2014 of 1,200 owner drivers from across NSW, Victoria and Queensland. This Index is also underpinned by costs sourced from the Government and other third party data which has been weighted using the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics and census figures.