70% of QLD drivers are Petrol Price Preoccupied


2 July 2012

Petrol cost pressures are forcing 70 per cent1 of Queensland drivers to keep a vigilant eye on the price cycle, with the hopes of hitting the service station at the right time to save.

According to Bingle research the constant pressure of rising petrol costs has prompted changes in both the driving style and car ownership of QLD motorists. 

Nearly half (46 per cent1) of QLD motorists confirmed they’d changed cars and purchased a more fuel efficient model, while just over half (53%) have changed their driving style to save on petrol.

“Choosing a new car with greater fuel economy can save you some serious cash, but changing your driving style, whatever car you have, can save you over $7003 now,” said Melanie Vine, Bingle Car Insurance spokesperson.

Bingle research conducted with environmental organisation Greenfleet showed drivers can save up to 24 per cent2 on their annual fuel bill of $30403 if they use efficient driving tactics.

“Over half of QLD motorists say they’ve started making changes to their driving style to save on petrol. Simple things like keeping tyres at the right pressure, and removing extra weight can save you money,” said Ms Vine.

As the petrol discounting cycle has become longer, QLD drivers have discovered there is no longer a standard cheap day.

“The traditional “Cheap Tuesday” might be right sometimes, but what was once a seven day cycle can blow out to anywhere from ten to fourteen days, making picking the cheap day a game of chance,”

“Forget football, it seems watching the petrol price cycle, and trying to pick the cheap day is the new state sport,” said Ms Vine.

1.     Research note

From a Newspoll survey conducted nationally among 3706 respondents aged 18+ years who were current car drivers as at March 2012, including 599 drivers in NSW.  Collected data has been weighted in line with current ABS population demographics to ensure any extrapolation of results are representative of age, gender and area.

2.     Greenfleet 


3.     Index development note

The Bingle Cost of Motoring Index tracks and measures the ongoing costs faced by drivers annually. It includes a survey of 1,200 owner drivers, conducted in September 2011, covering VIC, NSW and QLD. This data, along with other costs sourced from the relevant State Government departments, underpins this index, which was created by research agency Nature. The sub groups have been cross referenced against the latest census data for drivers where state, region, age and gender figures to represent the results at a population level.

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