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Update on the reform of the New South Wales Emergency Services Levy (ESL)

On 30 May 2017, the NSW State Government announced it would defer the introduction of the Fire and Emergency Services Levy on council rates (therefore deferring the removal of the ESL from insurance premiums).



Shitbox Rally 2017 forms strategic partnership with Bingle

Box Rallies is excited to announce Bingle as a major sponsor of Shitbox Rally 2017. The leading car insurer will also support the rally with free third-party property damage insurance.



New pilot insurance offering to relieve renter woes

For the first time, renters will have access to financial protection, ensuring they won’t be out of pocket or potentially homeless should their landlords force them to move properties.



Four million Australian drivers risking it all on the roads

Four million Australian motorists are gambling with their safety by skimping on car servicing and repairs, according to new research from online insurer, Bingle.



Aussies drivers keep on motoring to the tune of $73 billion

Petrol has emerged as the unlikely hero of Australian motorists, driving down the cost of keeping their cars on the roads, according to the latest Bingle Cost of Motoring Index¹.



Aussie drivers shelling out $900 million more than they think on tolls

Australian motorists are significantly underestimating how much they’re spending on tolls, paying almost double what they think they’re spending, according to the research from Bingle.



Victorians spending $20 billion on car costs

Victorian drivers are facing an uphill battle when it comes to controlling motoring costs, pouring a collective $20 billion into keeping their cars running on the roads, according to the 2014 Bingle Cost of Motoring Index.



Aussies spending $63 billion on car costs

Australian drivers are facing an uphill battle when it comes to controlling motoring costs, pouring a collective $63 billion into keeping their cars running on the roads, according to the 2014 Bingle Cost of Motoring Index.



Petrol pump pain forces drivers to change habits

Motorists are resorting to alternative measures to relieve the price pressures faced at petrol pumps across the country, thanks to continuing record high fuel costs.



Victorian drivers spend up big on car bling

Victoria’s car servicing and maintenance bill is among the highest in Australia, thanks to an increasing appetite for ‘car bling’.



Cars don bling as NSW drivers loosen purse strings

NSW is bucking the trend of cautionary consumer spending with drivers shelling out close to half a billion dollars on “car bling”, while cutting back on car servicing.



Queensland drivers leading the way on motor savings

Queensland is one of the most cost-effective states for car servicing and maintenance expenses, despite the state’s drivers spending billions of dollars on their cars.



Bingle backs Richmond for three more years

The Richmond Football Club is proud to announce Bingle will remain the Club’s joint major sponsor for the next three years. 



Need for speed drives up millions in NSW fines

NSW drivers have racked up $332 million in fines over the past year, thanks in large part to speeding and parking infringements.



Fines skyrocket as drivers play red light roulette on VIC roads

Victorian drivers continue to push the limits on the roads, forking out an extra $22 million in fines compared to last year.



70% of QLD drivers are Petrol Price Preoccupied

Petrol cost pressures are forcing 70 per cent1 of Queensland drivers to keep a vigilant eye on the price cycle, with the hopes of hitting the service station at the right time to save. 



Parking pain costs VIC drivers $368 million a year

The Bingle Cost of Motoring Index has found parking costs are bleeding Victorian (VIC) motorists’ dry, to the tune of $368 million a year, almost $70m more in than New South Wales ($300m), and well over twice as much as Queensland ($162m).   



Staying on the road costs $57.3b across the East Coast

The cost of motoring, simply keeping your car running each year, costs the 10.6 million motorists on Australia’s east coast about $57.3 billion.



Victorian drivers’ ring up $14 million phone bill

Despite copping more than an estimated $14m in fines last year, one-in-five Victorian motorists admit1 to receiving a phone call or a text message (21 percent) while driving. 

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