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Vehicles in VIC

Heading out to Marysville from Melbourne? Maybe you’re going from Ballarat to Bendigo, or spotting Phillip Island penguins? In Victoria, it doesn’t really matter where you’re travelling – this is a state that’s best enjoyed on the open road. Which is probably why the average Victorian clocks up 14,300km a year.

Whether you’re keeping to the city or heading off the beaten track, driving around Victoria is a pretty special experience. The sort that requires good company – and good car insurance, too.

Comprehensive and Third Party Insurance

Bingle comprehensive car insurance protects you against driving accidents (whether they’re big crashes or little bingles), nature, theft and malicious damage and damage to other people’s property. Bingle third party property damage cover gives you confidence knowing that if you have a bingle and cause accidental damage to someone else’s car or property, that you’re covered for up to $20 million. Limits and exclusions apply, please see the PDS for more information.

Your Victorian car insurance options 

You can choose from comprehensive car insurance to take advantage of our additional benefits and optional extras, or you can protect yourself against liability claims with third party property damage cover.  And that’s not because those hook turns in Melbourne give some interstate drivers heart palpitations (although let’s be honest –they’re not that hard to pull off).

Truth is, Victorians rate highly for nose-to-tail prangs, and theft is higher here than in most of the other states, too. In 2014, 13,326 cars were nicked in Australia – that’s 28 cars out of every 10,000 registered.

If you’re the proud owner of a Holden or Toyota ? Well, we don’t want to be a killjoy – but these were the most commonly swiped cars in VIC in 2014.

Whether you hail from Dandenong or Shepparton, car insurance is a good idea if you care about being covered on the road. And with Bingle, you’ve got great options like comprehensive and third party property damage that are easy on your wallet. Just read our important documents so you know what’s covered before you start a quote.

Comprehensive Car Insurance in VIC

Why Bingle?

Bingle Car Insurance is simple insurance. At Bingle we believe in keeping car insurance easy and affordable, because we know you have better things to spend your time and money on.

Car Insurance in Victoria

If you compare comprehensive car insurance deals in VIC, you’ll see why Bingle makes sense. 

See the savings for yourself in under two minutes. Grab an online quote from as little as $1.45 a day.

Relax at claim time

We’d hate for you to get into a bingle – but our claims team are around 24/7, just in case. And the same goes for repairs. We have our S.M.A.R.T repair centres all over VIC to get you back behind your own wheel in timely Melbourne fashion.

More ways to save on premiums

At Bingle, we’d rather you have more cash in your pocket to spend on things you actually love. So check out how Victorian's keep their car insurance premiums down. Bingle reckons Victorian's with a good claims history deserve a cheaper car insurance policy.

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Compare car insurance down under

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