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Covering the Queen’s Country

They don’t call it the Sunshine State for nothing. With its warm weather, golden beaches and beautiful stretches of green, QLD doesn’t just make you want to hit the road. It practically starts your engine for you.

From family vacays to the Gold Coast, to getaways to the Great Barrier Reef, Queenslanders travel a whopping 13,800km a year in 2014. But before you upload another sun-kissed snap to Instagram, make sure you’ve remembered the most important thing – car insurance. And SPF 50+.

Cheaper Car insurance

Queenslanders shell out more on fuel than any other state – but the good news is it’s the cheapest state for registration, insurance, parking and toll costs. Which means you can score a great deal on car insurance. And you’d probably want to. Busier QLD roads are riskier roads.

22,911 bingles were recorded last year in total. Theft is also a worry , with 9,838 cars stolen in 2014 – or 25 out of every 10,000 regos. Top of the list of the most wanted wheels? According to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council the top motor vehicle theft targets 2014-2015 where Holden, Ford and Toyota vehicles.  

Luckily, 71% of the cars that are stolen in QLD are found pretty quickly. But if you didn’t get your car back, we reckon you’d hate to be caught out with no comprehensive car cover.

That’s why at Bingle, we’ve got great cover levels without the scary price tags - like basic third party property damage or comprehensive for the full package. Read our important documents before you grab an online quote so you can pick the best policy for your needs.

Third Party or Comprehensive?

Bingle comprehensive car insurance protects you against accidents (whether they’re big crashes or little bingles), accidental damage, theft and damage to other people’s property. Bingle third party property damage cover gives you confidence knowing that if you have a bingle and cause accidental damage to someone else’s car or property, that you’re covered for up to $20 million.  Limits and exclusions apply, please see the PDS for more information.

Why Bingle?

Bingle reckons drivers with a good claims history deserve a cheaper car insurance policy. That’s why to may save on your Bingle car insurance if you haven’t caused a bingle in the past 3 years.

You could save on your car insurance in QLD 

If you compare comprehensive car insurance deals around QLD, you’ll see why Bingle’s a no-brainer. Because whether you’re a city slicker, soaking up the bright lights of BrisVegas, or you hail from a country town with as many residents as it has syllables in its name.

Check out the savings for yourself - just speed through an online quote for Bingle car insurance.

Car Insurance claims

Nobody likes thinking about car accidents. But if you do get into a pickle and need repairs, you can keep calm and carry on with Bingle. Our claims team is on hand online 24/7 to help you sort things out fast and through our S.M.A.R.T repair centres all over the place to patch up your wheels.

Keep your premium down

Get a quote and take a look how Queenslanders can lower their car insurance premiums. That way, you’ve got more coin to spend on the good stuff:

Check out the PDS for more information on what our car insurance policy covers and policy terms.

Don’t live in QLD or moving interstate?

It’s all good. Just choose your state or territory and see how much you could save on car insurance in Australia:

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